Congratulations on your pregnancy of the birth of your baby.

We hope you find care throughout this special time which is supportive, respectful, practical, inspiring, and with which you feel entirely at ease.

Most importantly, we hope you experience such care at your birth.

Northern Midwifery is run by midwife Julie Dawid and doula Ruth Willis.

Having attended many births, Julie and Ruth have come to the belief that women should be able to choose who supports them during this time, not only throughout a woman's pregnancy and postnatal period but also by attending the birth.

This approach respects the consistent findings that the behaviour and attitude of the caregivers attending a birth are the most influential factors in how the woman will experience her birth - more so than if she has prepared antenatally for birth, if has any compliactions in labour, how long her labour is, and the amount of pain she may experience (NICE 2007).

This continuity of carer is also known to be the preferred care type of the majority of pregnant women (NICE 2007).

The only issue being, most women aren't aware they have a choice, and can ask independent midwives or doulas to provide just this!

By offering women the opportunity to choose them as birth attendants, Julie and Ruth are putting this issue in its rightful place: as the most important element of a woman's choice regarding their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.


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